Established in 1996, Rehab Solutions is committed to helping clients find effective results in their rehabilitation.

Maximizing Independence in Everyday Life

Clients benefit from our individualized and goal directed approach, to enable them to maximize their independence in everyday life. We believe that effective rehabilitation means taking into account not just the physical aspects but also the emotional, cognitive, and psycho-social elements. Our clients are active participants with the healthcare team.

We work with clients in their communities. This can be within the home, at work, at school, and other venues in the community. We cover Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Services are covered by ICBC, Veteran’s Affairs Canada, other insurance agencies, selected extended healthcare benefit plans, and some publicly-funded programs.

Our Services

[Wendy] takes everything into consideration.... She looked after what I needed. I had moved from a small [town] back to the Lower Mainland and was concerned about the near misses that I had when driving. She lined me up with a driver trainer and now I have a lot of good safety tips under my belt and a lot more confidence with my driving in heavy traffic.... My balance was off to the point of tripping and spraining my wrist, the left side of my body was still weak and she lined me up with a kinesiologist (who) gave me some exercises at home and at the gym. These exercises really helped with my balance and strengthened my left side.... I wish to thank Wendy for giving me such good direction.